Kawasaki, Multi-tube type, once-through boiler KF Series

Kawasaki, Multi-tube type, once-through boiler KF Series

Features of Kawasaki, Multi-tube type once-through boiler, KF, Series are as follows: - Boiler efficiency of 98% is achieved with high-performance economizer. It is very cost effective. - Easy operation with color touch panel. LED status indicators show operation status with colors. - High performance centrifugal separation type steam water separator to attain high dryness of 99.5% or more for the entire operation range. - Leveraging technologies obtained from large boilers, long lifetime never attained by small once-through boilers has been realized.

Tech category: Steam boilers (Once-through boilers)

Capacity/Power: 1500 kg/h or more but less than 3000 kg/h

Volume: 98

Unit of measurement: Boiler efficiency

Product information:

Manufacturer: Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Model number: KF-1500AGE

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Parent