Eco-Cute for business-use

Eco-Cute for business-use

Reduce running cost of heat water supply by excellent energy-saving performances. Awarded Demand Side Management Award in FY 2015 1. Excellent energy-saving performances: Annual heating efficiency 4.2 2. Maintain hot water temperature: Hot water tank having urethane foam loaded heat insulating structure [Uretank] 3. Corresponding to various business types / sizes Up to 3 hot water tanks can be connected to one heat pump unit in a system. ??Up to eight systems can be controlled centrally with one remote controller. 4. Circulation piping compatible: Hot water is readily available at a remote place from water heater. * Please see catalog or web page for details of the equipment.]

Tech category: Heat pump water heaters (Air-source heat)

Capacity/Power: more than 10kW but 20kW or less

Volume: 4.2

Unit of measurement: Annual standard for reservoir heating energy consumption efficiency

Product information:

Manufacturer: Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Model number: RHK-1501EJS

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