Indirect evaporative cooler has many layered structure consisting from DRY and WET paths separated by wall separators. WET side of the wall separator is a wet wall drenched with water. Evaporation in the WET paths lowers temperature of the separating wall when air with low humidity or room temperature flows in the WET paths, and further lowers the temperature of hot air in DRY paths by heat transfer through the wall separators without changing absolute humidity of the air in the paths.

Tech category: Indirect evaporative coolers

Capacity/Power: more than 40.0 kW but 60.0kW or less

Volume: 35.2

Unit of measurement: Coefficient Of Performance (COP)

Product information:

Manufacturer: Earthclean-Tohoku Co., Ltd.

Model number: MC-1500-S

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Parent