Ice thermal storage, VRV G Series

Ice thermal storage, VRV G Series

Ice is formed in ice thermal storage, which is placed between outdoor and indoor units of a package air conditioner, with heat exchanger in the storage at night when cooling function is not in operation; refrigerant from outdoor unit is further chilled by the heat exchanger of the ice thermal storage before sent to indoor unit during day time cooling operation. Environmental load has been reduced with this product by adopting proprietary full-automatic energy-saving refrigerant control, etc.

Tech category: Ice thermal storage type packaged air conditioners

Capacity/Power: more than 112.0kW

Volume: 2.6

Unit of measurement: Cooling efficiency using daily thermal storage

Product information:

Manufacturer: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Model number: RSYP1180DE

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Derivative