Hitachi room air conditioner, Shirokuma X Series

Hitachi room air conditioner, Shirokuma X Series

This product realizes comfortable air conditioning with six separated front flap which consists of indoor unit and Living camera AI that is made up from the following five cameras including humidity camera to detect humidity distribution within a room. ?? Image camera to recognize occupants' staying time, position, room layout, etc., ? Temperature camera to detect occupants' ambient and ceiling temperatures, etc. ? Humidity camera to detect humidity distribution of the room ? Furniture camera to detect position and shape of sofas, tables, etc. ? Room camera to check floor material, positions and sizes of hanging walls Living camera AI recognizes staying time of each occupant and controls cooler (or heater) before the occupant(s) feel(s) it is too cool (or too hot). Additionally, it will also control air flow finely by first finding appropriate air flow path considering positions of people and their feet, room layout, positions and shapes of furniture and floor material, and then controls the air flow in accordance with staying time and the air flow path using six independent flaps. These functions provide measures for issues like feeling of temperature is different for each person depending on how long the person stays in the room and cold floor cools people down from their feet in winter, and the room will be comfortable even when staying for a long time and provide warmth around occupants' feet.

Tech category: Room air conditioners

Capacity/Power: 2.2kW

Volume: 7.6

Unit of measurement: Annual Performance Factor (APF)

Product information:

Manufacturer: Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc.

Model number: RAS-X22G

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Parent