Spacia 21

Spacia 21

Spacia 21 Heat Insulating Clear is a vacuum insulated glass realizing high heat insulating performance with thinner structure. It has such a hybrid structure that low thermal conduction gas of argon is filled between our proprietary vacuum glass Spacia Cool and Low-E glass, and total thickness in only 18.2 mm and coefficient of overall heat transmission of 0.74 W/m2K is achieved. Its heat insulating performance is about four times higher than general insulated glass or equivalent to 50 mm of glass wool.

Tech category: Vacuum Low-E insulated glass (LE3+Ar9+FL3+V0.2+LE3) (Home use)

Capacity/Power: -

Volume: 0.74

Unit of measurement: Coefficient of overall heat transmission

Product information:

Manufacturer: Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

Model number: Thermal Insulation Clear

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