Fuel-cell unit for home-use cogeneration system (ENE-FARM)

Fuel-cell unit for home-use cogeneration system (ENE-FARM)

ENE-FARM generates electricity through reaction between hydrogen extracted from city gas and oxygen in the air to use the electricity at home. Heat generated there will be used for heating water. Since there is no power transmission loss since venue of power generation and consumption is the same, and heat generated at power generation can also be utilized, it is a very environmentally-friendly system.

Tech category: Fuel cells for home use (ENE-FARM / PEFC (polymer electrolyte fuel cell))

Capacity/Power: -

Volume: 39

Unit of measurement: Power generation efficiency

Product information:

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation Appliances Company, Smart Energy System Business Division

Model number: FC-70GR13S-M

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Parent