Eco-Jozu, GRUF-E2405AW

Eco-Jozu, GRUF-E2405AW

- Gas-fired water heater warms water inside the tubes by high temperature air heated by gas burner. - Latent heat recovery type realized higher efficiency by recovering heat with combustion in a form of latent heat, which has been abandoned previously. - Bath hot water supply compatible type supplies hot water to a tap and supplies hot water for a bathtub with features of automatic filling and heating up water in the bathtub.

Tech category: Gas-fired water boilers (Eco-Jozu)

Capacity/Power: -

Volume: 95.1

Unit of measurement: Energy consumption efficiency

Product information:

Manufacturer: GASTAR Co., Ltd.

Model number: GRUF-E2405SAT(A)

Parent / Derivative (core technology or derived): Derivative