About the Green Technology Transfer Portal

The Paris Agreement, adopted at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, recognises the importance of technology for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions and calls for the strengthening of cooperative actions on technology development and transfer. Japan has pledged significant carbon reductions, and one of the instruments for achieving this goal is technology transfer through the bilateral mechanisms of international cooperation.

Numerous Japanese manufacturers have a leading edge in low-carbon technologies, while the countries of South and Eastern Europe need climate technologies to meet their international obligations. The GTT portal is intended as a neutral platform where Japanese low-carbon business leaders and innovative start-ups can meet public and private stakeholders from South and Eastern European countries and initiate fruitful technology transfer cooperation.

The L2-Tech List contains more than 3,200 leading low-carbon technologies that have been developed by Japanese manufacturers and certified by the Ministry of Environment of Japan. The L2-Tech Certified Product List includes a wide range of technologies, such as heat pumps, electric motors, fuel cells, air conditioners, advanced windows and insulating materials that are currently the most effective and efficient in delivering greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The L2-Tech Standard is updated regularly to ensure that only the best-in-class climate technologies are included in the list. The certified products are grouped according to three sectors and 12 technology groups to allow for easy searching, following the general structure of the L2-Tech Certified Product List.

Since an understanding of climate technology needs is the starting point for effective cooperation, the GTT platform also features brief summaries of technology needs assessments, technology action plans and other documents that provide Japanese low-carbon businesses with information on the technology transfer priorities of individual countries in the region.